What We Do

Positive Home Loans specialises in all areas of Home Lending and also just as important we pride ourselves on our service to you. At Positive Home Loans our clients are always our No.1 focus and we want to achieve a 10 out of 10 service to you. Sure, we work in the world of Home Loans however we live in the world of service to our clients!

Our team of Home Lending Specialists and Lending Administrators will work with you through all parts of the home loan process and will always keep you updated.

Even if you're behind on some or all of your loans then we may be able to assist.

We have assisted so many clients that have had a life event that caused them to fall behind in their loan repayments or have just accumulated to much debt where they now can't keep up. We understand that these things happen to a lot of people and we will work with you to provide a suitable solution to help you get back on track.

Don't have time to talk at the moment? No problem.
We'll call at a time thats convenient for you!

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