Equipment Finance

Whether you need machinery, farm equipment, medical equipment or new technology, we can find suitable finance for your situation.

You'll be equipped for success with a quick, easy Positive business loan:

  • Tailored repayments
  • You can get a loan structure so that you make repayments when your money comes in to suit changing cash flow and seasonality.

  • No deposit
  • Keep your working capital working for you while still accessing the tools you need to run your business with a chattel mortgage or rent or lease equipment for a contract period.

  • Loan pre-approval
  • With a pre-approved equipment loan, you'll negotiate confidently with your suppliers because you know exactly how much you have to work within.

  • Choice of commitment
  • You can access a loan to purchase outright, hire or lease the equipment that you'll need. This gives you the flexibility to upgrade at the end of a contract without the costs of owning expensive machinery, or to purchase outright a piece of equipment that will add value to your business over the long term.

Vehicle Finance

As well as providing equipment finance, you can get finance for the vehicles that you'll use for your daily operation. Whether it's a truck, trailer, bus, ute or a company car, we can fit you to the right loan. Our vehicle financing options include:

  • Novated Lease
  • With a novated lease you'll benefit your business and your employees. As a business owner, you'll reduce your own risk avoid the ongoing costs of buying, maintaining and disposing of the business vehicles. A tax effective, flexible lease option will attract employees too.

    The employee can maximise their salary by making the payments from pre-tax income. They can choose the car that they want to drive, they have unlimited personal use of the vehicle, and if they change jobs they take the vehicle with them.

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • This is a business car loan that you can use for full or partial finance of the vehicle when you'll be using the car for business over 50% of the time. You'll own the vehicle, and you won't need a deposit as the vehicle forms security for the loan. There are tax benefits on the interest on the loan and depreciation of the car, and we can even tailor your repayments to match your income.

    At Positive Home Loans we're with you for the long haul, so as your business circumstances change, we'll do our best to make sure you have the right finance for your business at every stage.

    Take the next step to grow your business with Equipment Finance. To get your business moving, call us on 1300 366 287 today or fill out an online application. You'll get a quote in minutes and be prepared with knowledge of what your business finance options will be.

We make finance a Positive experience