Business Loan Calculator

A New Loan for Small Business: Flexible Working Capital

Are you one of the 400, 000 small businesses in Australia looking for a practical finance solution that won't put your personal assets at stake?

Positive Home Loans are dedicated to finding solutions for you that really work and offer you finance for small business in a practical, flexible and simple way. We've partnered with a new lender to provide finance that doesn't require your home as security or consider your personal situation.

The fast, simple application process.

For a loan of up to $50, 000 you'll need to have:

  • Your driver's licence number
  • The ABN for your business
  • The BSB and account number of your main trading account.

If you need more than $50, 000 you will also need some basic financial statements like a P&L and cash flow, to allow the lender to evaluate your business cash flow and identify what repayments you can manage without adding stress to your everyday operations.


A business loan is different from other short-term commercial finance. Unlike an overdraft facility or a line of credit, you withdraw the whole amount of the loan right at the beginning of the loan contract. You can choose to use the funds for:

  • opening new locations
  • starting new jobs or contracts
  • business renovation
  • marketing
  • purchase of inventory
  • new equipment
  • general working capital

and pretty much anything you are going to need it for.

There are no additional charges for paying back the loan early, and making repayments is super simple with a daily or weekly automatic payment from your nominated business account.

How does it work?

If you apply for a business loan for $50,000 to $250, 000 with a loan term of 3-12 months, you won't need to provide security for the loan. When you apply for this type of loan, you won't be charged traditional interest rates. You will be given a quote on the total cost to borrow the money, which includes all the interest and fees for setting up the account. This is then broken down into a regular repayment amount based on your chosen payment frequency, daily or weekly, and the loan term.

How are the loan costs determined?

The amount you are charged for this type of unsecured loan will depend on your industry, how long you have been in business, the health of your cash flow, and other factors. The 'factor rate' is a decimal figure based on the variables used to determine the cost of the loan to you, and the interest is charged to the principal of the loan when the loan is originated.

If you want to find out more about this simple and easy to use business finance option, contact us by email, or on 1300 366 387 to find out more.

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