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Marty Woods

Phone: (08) 7078 0163

Mobile: 0431 116 818


Marty has 4 years experience in the finance industry, joining Positive Home Loans in April 2016 to provide premium, personalised mortgage services in his hometown of Adelaide.

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Marty's background in finance and insurance means that he's expert at maintaining the relationships with the banks that mean you'll get access to mortgage options that you cannot find directly through the banks. He holds a B. Communications from University of South Australia, and a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking.

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You can rely on him to provide superior customer service, and to find answers to any question that you may have about the property purchasing process. As a current member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia, you can be sure he will follow strict ethical guidelines. He’ll go the extra mile to take you from from pre-approval to settlement, ensuring that everything falls into place smoothly.

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He's always lived in Adelaide, starting his career with 11 years at Mazda, where he worked his way up from washing cars to car sales, finance and insurance. On weekends you'll find him out fishing or play golfing. His other passions include travel, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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