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When you buy a home you need a whole panel of experts in addition to your Home Lending Specialist.

Some of the professionals you'll need include a conveyancer, a building and pest inspector, and a good real estate agent. We've put together this list of local professionals we've used before to give you a selection from experts that have been tested and proven.

If you've attended our First Home Buying Seminar in Adelaide you may have met some of our partners already.

Real Estate Agent

Our Home Lending Specialists recommend Magain Real Estate to help you find a property that suits your needs.


To take care of the legal side of transferring property ownership, you'll want a conveyancer who knows the local land law inside out. We recommend The Conveyancing Centre for an experienced conveyancer who can check the contract and take care of the Revenue SA taxes.

Building and Pest Inspector

Inpex Inspections can be relied on to make sure that you're not buying a place that's going to cost more than meets the eye.

If you're not in South Australia, or you are looking at a rural property, our Home Lending Specialists should be able to provide you with the right referral to make sure you have a team of professionals you can trust.

Property Valuation

Knight Frank are a property valuer with a strong reputation in Australia. They can provide property valuations for all types of property, with services are available Australia wide.

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