Business Finance

Getting the right finance for your small business can make all the difference in your ability to succeed, expand, and generate real profits. A successfully managed business loan can create growth for your enterprise, setting you apart from your competition with a healthy and sustainable cash flow.

By seeking the advice of your accountant, and your management team, and then consulting with one of our business finance brokers, you'll be able to form a clear picture of what type of finance will best facilitate your goals.

Your Business Finance Options

With options for commercial property mortgages, chattel mortgages, hire-purchase as well as unsecured business loans, you're bound to find the loan structure that suits your current business model at Positive Home Loans.

We can help with finance for the following purposes:

  • Property
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery, equipment and tools
  • Inventory
  • Capital to launch a new idea
  • Research and development
  • Balancing seasonal cash flow

Secured Business Loans

If you need a loan for cash flow or business growth, you may decide to provide security for the loan using the business premises, or a residential property that doesn't have a substantial mortgage over it. Using a 'Business mortgage loan' may significantly reduce the interest rates you can get for the amount you want to borrow.

Fixed rate loans

Just like a fixed home loan, with a fixed business loan you know exactly how much each repayment will be for the lifetime of your loan. Sometimes interest rates can be a little bit higher than the market rate. If your business cash flow improves due to your investment, some lenders allow you to make additional repayments up to an annual maximum so you can pay down the loan sooner and reduce the interest you pay.

Variable rate loans

'Variable' means that instead of having a fixed rate locked in, the interest that you pay on the loan will be determined by current market rates, just like it is for a variable rate home loan. Repayment amounts will change periodically as the interest rates go up or down.

One huge advantage of choosing a variable rate loan is that it generally comes with heaps more flexibility than a fixed rate loan. You can make additional repayments as your business grows without any penalty, and some loan structures come with a redraw facility, allowing you to access funds that you've paid over the scheduled repayments. This can save you needing a new credit facility, and keeps your money in one place.

Split rate loans

Once again, just like with a home loan, you can choose to get a split loan, where part of the loan has the interest rates fixed, and part of it will have a variable rate applied. This gives you the certainty of repayment amount, combined with the ability to pay off the loan faster when your profits increase.

Our business finance brokers will draw on their experience to find the finance solution that will suit your business plan. You can find out more about your options by making time to talk to a business finance broker, who will be able to give you all of your options. Simply send us an email, make an enquiry, or give us a call on 1300 366 287.

We make finance a Positive experience